About Julie Hersh

Julie Hersh, author of the book Struck by Living: From Depression to Hope, was once a marketing and sales professional in Silicon Valley and currently advocates for those struggling with mental illness. In her book, Ms. Hersh shares her own personal struggle with clinical depression. On her website, she details her Top 6 for battling depression: taking an antidepressant every day; protecting normal sleep, exercise, and nutrition; listening to family and friends about your behavior; planning ahead to overcome life’s hurdles; exciting and challenging your mind regularly; and surrounding yourself with friends who give you a sense of perspective.She has customized this list for college students and young women, drawing on her personal experience.

Julie Hersh participates on the International Society of ECT and Neurostimulation Patient Advisory Council and serves on the advisory board for Mental Health America. Further, she supports the CONTACT crisis line and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Ms. Hersh resides with her husband and two teenage children in Dallas, Texas. A proponent of culture, Julie Hersh is a trustee for the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Theater Center and trustee emeritus for the Dallas Children’s Theater.


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